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Jul 21, 2018

A perfect Android Base app.

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I am sharing a Android base project(Download Link) build on Kotlin which is empowered with a lot of boiler plate code, libraries and with the easy to use MVP-i architecture. Following are the enlisted features in the project.

1. Kotlin language is used with kotlin extensions
2. MVP-i architecture. To know know more about MVP-i architecture follow link.
3. Room framework with all CRUD operations and queries to work with sqlite database.
4. LiveData with data binding with room for persistence.
5. Retrofit 2 with Rx2 library with caching support, will provide the previous cached response in case of no network. It will be beneficial if you want to provide an offline support to the app without using the database.
6. Lottie loader with lots of sample animations.
7. Advanced logger(link).
8. A fully customisable No internet dialog.


clone the project from https://github.com/vinod-morya/AndroidBase

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